Holy Water 1.5G Live Rosin Infused Hash Hole



Introducing the revolutionary Holy Smokes Hash Hole, a premium smoking experience crafted to elevate your senses. Each Hash Hole is a masterful fusion of 0.5 grams of exquisite live rosin and 1.5 grams of top-shelf cannabis flower, synergistically blended to perfection.

At its core, the Hash Hole embodies the essence of purity and potency. The live rosin, extracted using cutting-edge techniques, encapsulates the true essence of the cannabis plant, preserving its natural flavors and aromas in every puff. Complementing this unparalleled concentrate is a carefully curated selection of 1.5 grams of high-quality cannabis flower, chosen for its rich cannabinoid profile and tantalizing terpene bouquet.

From the moment you ignite the Hash Hole, prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other. As the smooth smoke envelops your palate, the distinct flavors of the live rosin dance harmoniously with the nuanced notes of the cannabis flower, creating an indulgence of taste and aroma! With each inhale, experience a symphony of euphoria and relaxation, as the potent cannabinoids and terpenes work in harmony to elevate your mood and soothe your senses.

Crafted with the discerning connoisseur in mind, the Holy Smokes Hash Hole is more than just a smoking accessory – it’s a testament to the artistry and dedication of cannabis cultivation and extraction. Whether enjoyed alone or shared among friends, the Hash Hole promises an smoking experience that transcends expectations and redefines your typical infused pre-roll.


1 for $45 | 2 for $80

FLAVORS (all hybrids)

  • Cleopatra (Gelato 33 x Zkillato) 
  • Cmoo Vision (Blue Cookies x Z28)
  • Coffin Candy (Runtz x Zkillato)
  • Lucky 7’s (Gm3 x Ropescotti X Trop Cherry)
  • Rodeo (Cowboy Cookies x RRS11 X Trop Cherry)
  • Wizard Fuel (Gm3 x Ropescotti X Trop Cherry)
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